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Where to Find The Best Dubai Job Vacancies

In this article I'll tell you where to find and apply for the best job vacancies in Dubai.

Searching for jobs in Dubai can be stressful! I'm going to save you time and frustration by pointing you to the best job opportunities in Dubai.

Let's get started.

1. Use LinkedIn to find job vacancies in Dubai

There are lots of great reasons to use LinkedIn for your Dubai job search. LinkedIn is full of Dubai job vacancies. The quality is generally higher because companies have to pay good money to advertise on LinkedIn!

On top of this, LinkedIn has a ton of great features that make it easy to apply for jobs in Dubai.

The UAE population is one of the highest LinkedIn user bases. This makes LinkedIn the number one tool for recruiters and HR hiring teams.

How to find Dubai job vacancies on LinkedIn

• Begin by opening your LinkedIn profile
• Click on the 'jobs' icon at the top of your LinkedIn profile
• Next, click 'job alerts' on the left-hand side of the screen
• Now click on ‘search for jobs’
• Type your target role into the search bar, for example, 'Talent Acquisition'
• Don't forget to set the target location to Dubai

Tips for using LinkedIn

To get the most out of LinkedIn for your Dubai job search, follow these tips.

Filter your LinkedIn job search results

The more targeted your Dubai job search, the better. With this in mind, you should filter your search results as much as possible. Use the all filters button to narrow your search until you find roles that best match your skills and experience.

Update your LinkedIn profile

Update your LinkedIn profile before you begin applying for roles. When you apply for jobs on LinkedIn the recruiter sees a snapshot of your profile.

The information that they see needs to be up-to-date and relevant to the role.

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

An optimised profile is much more likely to grab the attention of recruiters. It's also more likely to come up in searches.

Use Jobscan to help you to choose the right skills, keywords and text for your LinkedIn profile.

2. Use to search for Dubai job vacancies is a great source of Dubai job vacancies across all roles and functions.

How does work?

Indeed scrapes the internet to collate Dubai job vacancies from many sources. This makes Indeed a great tool for gaining a big-picture view of the Dubai job market.

How to use Indeed to apply for jobs in Dubai

• Conduct a quick search by entering your target role, e.g. 'Marketing Manager'
• Set your target location to Dubai
• Filter and sort the list to match your requirements

Tips for using for your Dubai job search

Let's look at how you can get the best out of

Create a profile on

Take your time to complete your profile. Don't forget to make sure your CV is up-to-date and uploaded.

Use Indeed to research the Dubai job market

You can use to find the organisations that are recruiting your target roles. Make a note of these companies so that you can make a direct approach.

Set up alerts

Don't forget to set alerts for your target searches. You're going to want to notify you as soon as new roles matching your requirements become available.

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3. Use Dubai job boards

There are two main Dubai job boards that you should definilty use, plus a few others that are worth checking out.‍

1. Gulftalent
2. Bayt

A profile on these job boards will help you get found by Dubai recruiters. Recruitment agencies in Dubai use job boards to search for candidates all the time.

You'll also find that many companies use these job boards to advertise roles. But, be aware that the quality of roles can sometimes be lower than those on LinkedIn.

Tips for using Dubai job boards

Too many Dubai job seekers rely only on job boards. This is a mistake. You should not over use Dubai job boards, instead follow these tips to get the best results.

Only apply for roles for which you are an obvious match

Applying for too many roles that are not right for you is a mistake. You risk giving the impression that you are desperate or don't know what you want.

Use an up-to-date CV and make sure your contact details are correct

Make sure that your attached CV does not let you down. Use a professional CV template that has been designed for the Dubai job market and ensure it's ATS-friendly.

Activate alerts

Like, you should activate email alerts for your ideal roles.

4. Work with a Dubai recruiter to find job vacancies

In my experience, working with a Dubai recruiter is a very effective way to get a Dubai job. A good Dubai recruiter can add a lot of value to your Dubai job search.

5 reasons to work with a Dubai recruiter

1. Many large companies in Dubai use recruitment agencies to help them fill vacancies.

2. A good Dubai recruiter will have contacts and connections in the companies that you want to work for.

3. Recruiters can help you access the hidden job market.

4. An experienced Dubai recruiter will understand the market and your industry.

5. When a recruiter submits your CV for a role, you can guarantee that the hiring manager will see it.

How can a Dubai recruiter benefit your job search?

• Industry expertise. Recruiters tend to specialise in certain industries which makes them real experts. They will give you advice on how to structure your job search.

• Honest feedback. A recruitment consultant can manage your expectations. They will tell you how likely you will be to find the role you want, plus what salary you should expect.

• Interview preparation. If you get an interview, your recruiter will help you to prepare. This support is invaluable.

• Post-interview feedback. A recruiter will get feedback from the interviewer and pass it right on to you.

• Salary negotiation. You should expect to negotiate your salary in Dubai. When you work with a recruiter, they will do this for you.

You can download a directory of Dubai recruitment agencies here.

5. Use your network to find Dubai job vacancies

Dubai is a very relational culture. Who you know is often more important than what you know.

It's still the case that many job vacancies get filled through networks of contacts. Every job I ever had in Dubai came about through a connection.

Why should you use your network to find Dubai job vacancies?

Your network can tell you about job vacancies before they even become available. It's often the case that someone knows about a resignation or a firing before it happens.

A connection can put your CV onto the desk of the hiring manager, cutting out the middlemen. They can also add their personal recommendation, vouching for your skills and experience.

Bypassing the traditional recruitment process can save you a great deal of time.

Tips for building a professional network in Dubai

Throughout your career in Dubai, you should build and cultivate a professional network. Keep in contact with customers, clients, colleagues, bosses and recruiters. Even when you are no longer working with them.

1. Do not begin by asking people for a job. Instead, ask if they would be open to answering a few questions about their career, what they do and the industry they work in.

2. Invite people for coffee, and tell them it's on you. Offer to meet in a location close to their home or office. Remove as many barriers to meeting as possible. Be flexible.

3. Prepare your questions beforehand. Don't waste their time or your own.

4. Instead of asking for help, ask for advice. People like to share advice but don't like to make promises. See where the conversation leads.

5. Always make sure you ask 'Who else should I be speaking with?' Always leave with at least one new connection or telephone number. This is networking in its purest form. Think of it as a web that keeps growing the more people you speak with.

6. Remember that every networking meeting could be an informal interview. Be professional and present your best side. Be positive, and upbeat and don't slate your old boss or moan about your situation.

7. The more people you speak with and connect with the closer you'll be to your ideal opportunity.


A successful Dubai job search is a culmination of many parts working in tandem. Do not rely on one strategy alone. All the above should form part of your Dubai job search plan.

Begin with your LinkedIn profile. Make sure it's up-to-date and then apply for jobs that are a very good match for your experience and skills.

Use Indeed to apply for roles and scope out the job market. Try to identify the recruiters and companies that are hiring for your target positions.

Create profiles on the major Dubai job boards and refresh them daily. Don't apply for too many roles, and only apply for those that are a great match,

Work with a recruiter that specialises in your industry. Before you approach them try to pin down exactly what you want. Also, make sure you have an up-to-date CV.

When you know which direction you are headed in, begin to network. Always leave with an additional name. The more you network the more Dubai will open its doors to you.

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